Contrasting colors and densities make Sarita think of nature and entropy

Pencil drawing on yellow paper of scribbles in a roughly rectangular shape, however, no rectangle appears to delineate the painting boundaries. The marks appear to be drawn with the edge of the pencil, not the point, with a gestural, confidant quality.
Sarita’s drawing of Cullen Washington Jr.’s Od Matter

Choose a work in the gallery and write a careful description of it.

The charcoal + white contrast sharply. The choice of the flat, charcoal, + reflectivity of the tape creates dimension when light hits the pieces of tape. Varying degrees of saturation provides a variety of conditions for the viewer to consider.

Look at the work again from a different position in the gallery, and write another description.

The tape is harder to determine, but it is still clear its presence was there by the collaging process, if not totally obvious from this current vantage point.

Look at the wall text. Try to fill in any gaps in the description by providing information that is missing from it.

Varying degrees of saturation echo the thinning + failing circuit of the natural systems.

Give it a new title.


—Sarita on Cullen Washington Jr.’s Od Matter

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