Contrasting textures remind Babbie of the struggle of getting paint off skin

Pencil drawing on yellow paper of an abstract painting. The painting is a landscape-format rectangle, with a series of seemingly random lighter grey and black lines.
Babbie’s drawing of Cullen Washington Jr.’s Od Matter

Choose a work in the gallery and write a careful description of it.

The light reflects from the shiny plastic tape. The textures of the paper also have shadows + light differently. The ink is black in complete contrast to the white.

Look at the work again from a different position in the gallery, and write another description.

Looking at the piece from further away, the piece is shrinking in comparison to others due to the contrast of the black and white. Within the piece itself there are darker areas w/ heavier use of ink. The texture is familiar—associated w/ struggle. Trying to get paint off your hand.

Look at the wall text. Try to fill in any gaps in the description by providing information that is missing from it.

I think a diagram of the collograph process would be helpful. “Scraps of painted canvas” is confusing because the image looks like more than painted canvas.

Give it a new title.


—Babbie on Cullen Washington Jr.’s Od Matter


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