A riotous mix of impressions makes Alice feel like she can see everything

Today I saw the Panorama and the Taiwan gallery in the museum

By Robert Moses and Raymond Lester and associates (Panorama) . Milford Graves (b. Jamaica Queens 1941)

It looks like the United States but without California (Panorama) and the Taiwan gallery looks like something that someone made to watch and hear things

I think it is made of a lot of diffrient object’s with wood plastic and glass (and a television and radio) (Taiwan gallery plastic and wood) (panorama)

I think the artist made it by putting different toy’s and things (tawan gallery) looking outside and thinking what he should put

It makes me think of all my toys mixed together with a really crazy lab of science and a hospital all together New York City.

It makes me feel like I can see the whole world even though I can’t (panorama) all creeped out (Taiwan gallery)

—Alice (daughter of Carolina)

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