An alien visitor is shocked by human censorship


A neon sign reads "Ultraviolet Archive." There are tables with books on them, with stools so people can sit and browse, as well as a computer.
A view of Christina Freeman’s collection of media objects that were censored or otherwise challenged by the authorities


(translated using device into English)

I am interested and drawn to Christina Freeman’s “ultraviolet archive.” She has many square objects with images and texts. The piece shows how many of those square objects (called books, DVD’s with movies, and CD’s with music) were censored or banned. I learned that when humans censor or ban that means that other humans may not have access to those objects. They cannot view these square objects! So, I observe that some humans are intolerant or sensitive to ideas different from their own. This is a new concept to me as on our planet it’s very different. Many of these square objects contain a wide range of information including a book about the internment of people of Japanese ancestry in the U.S., to two male penguins that care for an animal. I wonder what else will be banned or censored? I wonder why?

—Alien XWVZ on Chrstina Freeman’s UltraViolet Archive

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