Cosmic connections appear in a representation of human wisdom

A line drawing of a sculptural ensemble consisting of a number of spindly towers, twisting arms, model heads, and globes.
Gabriel’s drawing of Milford Graves’s work, which he suggests renaming “The human knowledge’s connection to emotions”

Choose a work in the gallery and write a careful description of it.

This artwork shows the human body in many different ways. It mostly shows heads though. Two heads are shown to be connected by a wormhole, one head is cut in half with no skin except for the ear, while the other shows a full head with a globe on top of it. There is a ball that changes color in the middle of the wormhole and green lasers every where. These colors make it sinister to me.

Look at the work again from a different position in the gallery, and write another description. How does the work look different now?

Now what it looks like is, in the middle, the people in the world connected to the wisdom in the people. Further to the left, there is a miniature model of the Solar System, connected to human wisdom by space-time. In between both, there is a pointed part of a (at least I think that’s what it is) an old drum. On top there is a light that shine in red and blue, making a bright purpleish color shine on the Solar System and the head. If I go further right, I can see another painted drum, with a plasma ball under it. And, lastly, under the head representing human wisdom, is a light, also representing wisdom.

Look at the wall text. Try to fill in any gaps in the description by providing information that is missing from it.

After reading the text, I think that the two heads represent knowledge and emotions. These two are connected in the universe and space-time and wormholes and tons of crazy stuff by the human heart and brain.

Give it a new title.

The human knowledge’s connection to emotions


—Gabriel on Pathways of Infinite Possibilities by Milford Graves

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