Art makes Brian think about the scale and diversity of the world by showing him places he’ll never visit

In the foreground stands a vitrine with an artificial rock compressed from dust; in the background three monitors show videos by the artist
A rock made of dust and videos documenting humanity’s geological impact

Today I saw Invisible Disparities, Juncture 1 and 11

By Ernesto Klar

It looks like a meteorite; the unisphere,; a weird music video without the music; a crime-scene evidence sweep

I think it is made of dust; DNA; time

I think the artist made it by lots of emails & letters negotiating access to exotic places

It makes me think of time; death; how all things interpenetrate one another

It makes me feel in awe at the size & diversity of the world; at peace that I will never visit or understand it all and that I don’t have to

—Brian on Ernesto Klar’s Invisible Disparities, Juncture I and II

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