L.A. responds to an artwork from a cyborg perspective


A plexiglass tube printed with orange patterns and gold text is mounted on a white wall at knee level, and curves around its corner.
Mo Kong’s plexiglass tube curves around the wall

Top left, dense mound square empty underneath at 20 percent from top—vertical bar space vertical bar downward toward base—object on ground plane rotated at 45 degree angle from back of scanned space. ground plane object raised from ground one two three one—two—three equivalent size .02 from ground plane curved in loop

Above at .6 cylindrical—reflective—alternating transparent, solid, tube from left to right glass—brown white black

Rust orange red—liquid interior—red circle

With black words wavy form—back to ground plane—round surface in small area

Drip glaze—spill—glue—brown

Two three far—back to left, white square base—up to two dark bars, up to transparent mound—dense solid underneath—translation

—L.A. on Mo Kong’s Sticky Liver, Soft Shock

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