Learning about a favorite filmmaker at the museum

A distant view through the darkness of a neon sign reading "UltraViolet Archive"

I walked past a room + saw an exhibit that was set up like a library; actual shelves and carts + “check out” cards for the books. I hoped I could read the books + after reading about the exhibit, happily learned that I could.

There was a book, middle of the middle shelf, right when you walked through the door called Women Filmmakers Refocusing. As a filmmaker who happens to be a woman, this pulled me in, so I sat down at the table in the middle of the exhibit + read a chapter featuring one of my favorite filmmakers, Deepa Mehta. I learned more about her filmmaking process—specifically how she uses her daughter’s colored pencils to create a color palette for the film. Then, she writes specific colors (“she lays down her orange sari”) into the script. I love her movies specifically for her use of color, so this description confirmed my eye (I’m still rather new).

I would never have stopped to read a book in the middle of an art exhibit if it hadn’t been set up like a library. Learning that the artifacts (books) came from the libraries in Queens made it even more personalized. The exhibit empowered me by teaching me that art isn’t something that’s created by the few, but that by simply participating in life, we are making art.

—Katherine on Christine Freeman’s UltraViolet Archive

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