Like a shoe, a work of art can leave an impression on the world

A sneaker decorated with strips of pink, orange, yellow, and blue tape, with silver duct tape around the base and a hanging charm. It's mounted to a white wall.
One of the discarded sneakers that Jaret Vadera decorated with colored tape

Focus on a thing you see in one of the works. Write a history of this thing: where was it before it arrived in this gallery? Who besides the artist has had contact with it?

Imprinting the story of the streets. One step at a time, being the recorder of time, the streets of Toronto, the walks of life. Shoes meld to the shape of the foot that wears them, with time, becoming an intentional life impression. The whole world had come in contact with it in some way or another; seeing the brand pass before your eyes, contributing with your money to the store that sold it, to the frequently poor people that made it, working minimum wage or less. Now they have been transformed into art, frequently called decorative and unrelated to real life. How can an artist show that it is related? That every step one makes, however small, impacts the whole world?

The work was put in a heavily walked area of the museum, near the main entrance, which is relevant to its walking nature.

—Kseniya on Jaret Vadera’s All that glitters

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