Using the whole museum to see one work

A line drawing of a woman wearing glasses and standing in a flowering garden
Shannon and Chatty’s drawing of Relative Fields in a Garden by Heidi Howard and Liz Phillips

Choose a work in the gallery and write a careful description of it.

Relative Fields In A Garden—The Giant, Awesome, Mural. This Work Spans End To End Across This Museum’s Diagonal Wall, Giving Light From Both Windoed Ends, As Well As Light From the Skylight & Ceiling Lights

Look at the work again from a different position in the gallery, and write another description. How does the work look different now?

I Didn’t Even Notice The 7 Rain Sticks, Until I Climbed The Stairs. Then, As I Crossed The Museum To Read The Title & Description, I Was Able To Hear The Soothing Bird Sounds. I Also Did Not Realize The Dimensional Aspect of The Flowers Until Walking Back Across The Museum.

We Were Floored By This Work!

Look at the wall text. Try to fill in any gaps in the description by providing information that is missing from it.

Nothing Is Lacking or Missing

Give the work a new title.

Eden Is In Our Hands

—Sharon and Chatty on Heidi Howard and Liz Phillips’s Relative Fields in a Garden


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