C.E.A. looked closely and found meaning

Today on 11-23-18,

I came to the museum not interested in anything. But after looking more closely I can tell that art really does have meaning. The underwear quilt for feminism. Evil Shapes (my personal favorite), to get hands on experience too. Art is something I can not only enjoy but make something out of it too.

Choose an object or a concept in one of the works in this gallery and define it with a series of sentences that name and say what it is.

Evil Shapes

  • Evil is something not quite far from good. It can be something visual, emotional and physical. In shapes, sayings and doings. Think closely and you will slowly realize, evil can be closer than you thought.

Look closely at the architecture of the gallery and the installation equipment: the shape and the height of the walls, the corners, the lighting, the sound. How do these elements affect the way the work is shown? How do they affect your experience of it?

It makes you feel the art. Like you’re living in it and are actually there to see it. Just like the panarama. Lights dimed for sunset, flashing sirens, airplanes flying. You can really feel art.

Each piece of art can look like junk but can have true meaning behind it. Something so simple like a blank canvas with a few colors can mean something if you so chose it to be.


—C.E.A. on Gabo Camnitzer’s Evil Shapes

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