Gawd ponders challenging questions of truth and belief

A green mask appears in a video on a monitor. The custom bench where visitors can sit and watch the video is a slick green block.
Green is the dominant color in Umber Majeed’s video installation

Placed in a room with relatively flat paintings, the bright green & geometric shapes of this work immediately caught my eye. A single video projection, this work spoke to the identity of Middle Easterners, especially Muslims, in a very fresh way. Challenging notions of Western, Middle Eastern, and contemporary values, this is a challenging piece to digest. It brings up questions about truth versus belief.

The QI as a whole is commenting on identity, no surprise in 2018. In fact, it would be a tone deaf show if it hadn’t. As many Internationals do, the QI is cashing in on the social & political that has been rocking the US since the election of the orange monster. However, there is something genuine about this work. Something challenging. By far, the best selection.

—GAWD on Umber Majeed’s Hypersurface of the Present

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