Symbols and symbols within symbols

On a white wall hangs a large piece of paper with a large, complex diagram printed on it and annotated by hand.
A chart by Milford Graves

Imagine that you are a cyborg and your eyes are a pair of optical scanners. When you look at the artwork, where does the scanning start?

The middle is where I start, where all the pathways converge. I feel like I’m looking at a lighting circuit, maybe a motherboard, definitely a map. Sheets of paper taped together form the gird lines but some sheets are empty in the bottom right corner.

The speakers to my left & right emit heart beats, a resonant soft low ringing, and voices—it makes me paranoid—like someone is behind me reading this paper.

I want to say these paths go from left to right—a start, or condition, and an outcome—but I really can’t say for sure. The symbols I took for arrows don’t look like arrows anymore. There are symbols and symbols within symbols.

—Winnie on LabVIEW chart by Milford Graves

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