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Writing Prompts

Not sure what to write? Here’s a list of suggestions.

First Person Narrative

Write about the exhibition in a very subjective way. Pick an artwork that caught your attention. Think back to when you first entered the gallery where the artwork was located. Write about your thoughts and feelings upon entering the gallery and encountering this work. Describe the aspects of the work that drew you in. What happened inside you as you viewed the artwork?

Optical Scanner Eyes

Imagine that you are a cyborg and your eyes are a pair of optical scanners. When you look at the artwork, where does the scanning start? Write a step-by-step account of the path your robotic eyes take as they scan a work. Think about how you interpret the data, and the form that your cyborg report would take.

Capsule Review

Choose a few works and write a description of each one using ten words or less.

Alien Anthropologist

Pretend that you are an alien from another planet, and that your ship has beamed up an artwork for study. You are a researcher and your goal is to understand humans, but this object is the only thing you have to work with. You don’t know anything else about humans or Earth. Working from this perspective, write a report that addresses questions such as: What are human bodies like? What do humans need to survive? What are their belief systems? What are their values?



We’re doing this project in the spirit of people power, access, open-mindedness, generosity, and inclusion. We aim to print most contributions, but we will not print goof-offs, throwaway dismissals, personal attacks, or hate speech. Artists cannot write reviews of their own work. Contributors should have attended the exhibition in person.



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The artists reserve the right to edit contributions for clarity, spelling, and grammar. The artists also reserve the right not to publish any submissions they deem inappropriate or offensive.